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Drugs, plastics and flea killer: the unseen threats to UK’s rivers

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Waterways look cleaner but levels of new pollutants are not being monitored Beer hasn’t been sold in steel cans for decades. The cans Keith Dopson found in Slough’s Salt Hill stream would be collectors’ items were they in good condition, but they had disintegrated into clumps of rust. “We filled seven bin bags with rubbish,” [...]

Inikah Wajah Mutakhir Pengembangan Masyarakat oleh Perusahaan?

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Catatan dari Pelatihan Pengembangan Masyarakat Tingkat Dasar Batch 65 CFCD Oleh Jalal Chairperson of Advisory Board Social Investment Indonesia   Pada tanggal 20-22 Februari 2018 lalu, saya diminta untuk memberikan pelatihan pengembangan masyarakat tingkat dasar oleh Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD).  Saya menyanggupinya sepanjang boleh melakukan perubahan atas substansi pelatihan.  Alasannya, saya melihat bahwa [...]