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Unleashing Inclusive Business Towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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By Andrew Kambobe, The Partnering Initiative   The Business Call to Action (BCtA) in collaboration with the UNDP Zambia Country Office, The Partnering Initiative (TPI), the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) and Business Fights Poverty recently held a high-level breakfast meeting for business representatives in Lusaka, Zambia.   The aim of the meeting held on the 15th [...]

Business as Usual is Dead – How Businesses are Transcending Boundaries to Fight Climate Change

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By Philippe Joubert, Senior Advisor, WBCSD and Chair, Corporate Leaders Group Climate change is now at the forefront of the policy agenda. The Paris climate talks have ushered a new wave of urgency; the goal is to decarbonise the world by the second half of the century and try to remain below the 1.5-degree threshold. [...]

Lifting the Game in Sustainable Reporting

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With the start of a new year, it is usually a time for people to reflect on the year that has passed, draw lessons from it so that they can improve themselves in the coming year. For sustainability practitioners, and advocacy evangelisers like myself, it is also an opportunity for us to review the year [...]

Partnering to Sustain Access to Safe, Clean Water for All

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In many countries both the availability and quality of water are in decline as populations – and associated demand from agriculture, energy generation, industry and households – grow. The Water Resources Group (WRG), of which SABMiller is a member, estimates that the shortfall between freshwater supply and global demand could reach 40% by 2030, an [...]

Growing Food in a Resource Scarce World – Business Fights Poverty

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The world is changing. And those changes bring with them new structural challenges. Rapid population growth, increasingly scarce resources, food lost or wasted and climate change are putting enormous pressure on agricultural productivity which is vital for food security and livelihoods.   No one will be immune from the effects of climate change. But it will [...]

From Addis to Davos: New Tools and Rules for Big Businesses in Sustainable Development – Business Fights Poverty

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 By Matti Kohonen, Private Sector Principal Advisor, Christian Aid Addis Ababa hosted the Third UN Financing for Development conference from 13 to 16 J… Addis Ababa hosted the Third UN Financing for Development conference from 13 to 16 July to improve the quantity and quality of financial flows for development. The resulting Addis Ababa Action Agenda [...]