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The Miracle Method for Sustainable Rice – and Bigger Harvests

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The fragrant jasmine rice growing on the left side of Kreaougkra Junpeng’s five-acre field stands nearly five feet tall. Each plant has 15 or more tillers, or stalks, and the grains hang heavy from them. The Thai farmer says this will be his best-ever harvest in 30 years and he will reap it four weeks [...]

Gove’s Farming Bill is More Chaff than Wheat Catherine Broomfield

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We need to break the link between corporate interests and agriculture. Mixed, sustainable farming is the way forward Michael Gove’s agriculture bill – the first such legislation since 1947 – is not before time. It sets out to replace the existing agriculture subsidy systems, based on direct payment for acres owned, to a system that [...]

Maize, Rice, Wheat: Alarm at Rising Climate Risk to Vital Crops

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Simultaneous harvest failures in key regions would bring global famine, says the Met Office Governments may be seriously underestimating the risks of crop disasters occurring in major farming regions around the world, a study by British researchers has found. The newly published research, by Met Office scientists, used advanced climate modelling to show that extreme [...]

Crop Failure and Bankruptcy Threaten Farmers as Drought Grips Europe

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Abnormally hot temperatures continue to wreak devastation across northern and central parts of the continent Farmers across northern and central Europe are facing crop failure and bankruptcy as one of the most intense regional droughts in recent memory strengthens its grip. States of emergency have been declared in Latvia and Lithuania, while the sun continues to bake [...]

Most of UK’s Fruit and Veg is From Other EU Nations ‘so Brexit Impact may be Dramatic’

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RSA launches food and farming inquiry as it highlights small quantity of these crops grown in UK and picked by non-EU staff The UK faces serious health implications if the government fails to agree a Brexitdeal, finds a report that says of 35 portions of fruit and vegetables, a figure relating to the five-a-day recommendation [...]

UK is 30-40 Years Away from ‘Eradication of Soil Fertility’, Warns Gove

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Farmers must be incentivised to tackle decline in biodiversity, says environment secretary at launch of parliamentary soil body The UK is 30 to 40 years away from “the fundamental eradication of soil fertility” in parts of the country, the environment secretary Michael Gove has warned. “We have encouraged a type of farming which has damaged the [...]

Vulnerable ‘chokepoints’ threaten global food supply, warns report

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Fourteen critical bottlenecks, from roads to ports to shipping lanes, are increasingly at risk from climate change, say analysts A map of global marine traffic on 26 June 2017 at 15.30 GMT. Photograph: Marine Traffic   Increasingly vulnerable “chokepoints” are threatening the security of the global food supply, according to a new report. It identifies [...]

Crisis is a Way of Life’: Helping Farmers Cope With Devastating Climate Change

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Changing weather patterns are having a dramatic effect on the livelihoods of smallholders in the developing world. So what can be done? Coffee farmers in Peru suffered heavy losses in 2013 when 40% of the country’s coffee plantations were adversely affected by coffee leaf rust. The disease, which scientists blamed on climate change, damaged leaves [...]