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Resensi Buku: Memanfaatkan Bisnis sebagai Kekuatan Keberlanjutan

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Oleh: Jalal * Chairperson of Advisory Board – Social Investment Indonesia   “We cannot close our eyes to the challenges the world faces. Business must make an explicit contribution to addressing them.”  – Paul Polman, CEO Unilever (2009-2018) Dua raksasa dalam ilmu manajemen seakan tak pernah berhenti berperang. Di satu sisi, Milton Friedman selalu mengingatkan pengikutnya untuk [...]

Sustainability Reporting: 4 Things Companies Get Wrong

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From 100-page disclosures to a lack of standardisation in reports, here are four essential mistakes that companies make in their sustainability reports, according to GRI chief Tim Mohin. Southeast Asia is witnessing a rapid increase in sustainability reporting with 500 per cent growth in the number of companies producing reports over the last six years, according to [...]

Finance sector could face climate-risk testing, says Australian watchdog

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Australia’s financial institutions could be required to test climate-risk scenarios as international regulators continue to warn of the economic dangers posed by climate change. Geoff Summerhayes, executive board member of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Apra), told a Senate committee that climate scenario testing could be added to the other common scenarios Apra requires [...]

Bad Medicine: The Toxic Fakes at The heart of an international criminal racket

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The trade in fake drugs is a lucrative and dangerous global industry, but there are hopes that on-the-spot screening technology can provide a remedy Sometimes the vials are filled with dirty water. Occasionally they contain saline and a tiny amount of antibiotic, so as not to infect the site of the vaccination and draw [...]

US briefing: ‘Cities need business allies in fight against climate change’

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Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed says companies like Coca-Cola, UPS, and Delta Airlines have been staunch backers in his battle to improve transport and cut CO2 emissions. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing It’s one thing for a city like New York or Los Angeles to take ambitious action to tackle climate change. Such leadership [...]

Aspek Lingkungan dalam Laporan Keberlanjutan Bank

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Oleh: Jalal Chairperson of Advisory Board Social Investment Indonesia   Imperatif Extended Responsibility Baru-baru ini saya membaca laporan keberlanjutan dua buah bank di Indonesia yang membuat saya benar-benar prihatin. Kedua bank itu menyatakan tidak melaporkan indikator-indikator lingkungan, sebab mereka tidak memiliki dampak langsung atas lingkungan. Saya sedih, karena dalam dunia pelaporan keberlanjutan ada pemahaman yang [...]

Sustainable Rubber briefing: Timberland makes strides on using recycled tyres

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Timberland Tires is a venture between the US outdoorwear brand, Timberland, and a Singaporean tyre maker and distributor, Omni United. Next year should see the first footwear with rubber outsoles made partly from recycled tyres that were manufactured with this specific second life in mind. Omni worked on a tyre compound formulation that adheres to [...]

Sustainable Rubber briefing: Michelin zero-deforestation pledge raises hopes for responsible sourcing

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Environmental groups and biodiversity researchers have hailed a move by Michelin to eliminate rubber from deforested areas from its supply chain as an industry breakthrough.   The tyre maker – the world’s largest buyer of natural rubber – announced this summer that it has begun tracing its entire rubber supply chain, the first big company [...]

Multi-stakeholder Partnerships in the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Time to Get Down to Earth? – Business Fights Poverty

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The extremely ambitious 2030 Agenda will require the development community to act collectively, and commit adequate resources to tackle substantial and increasingly interrelated challenges: climate change, poverty, gender inequalities, and more. Acknowledging the complexity of addressing such issues, the development community underlined the need for collaboration between national or subnational governments, private sector actors and [...]

Lifting the Game in Sustainable Reporting

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With the start of a new year, it is usually a time for people to reflect on the year that has passed, draw lessons from it so that they can improve themselves in the coming year. For sustainability practitioners, and advocacy evangelisers like myself, it is also an opportunity for us to review the year [...]

Fiona Reynolds: What are the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)?

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Responsible investment is an approach to investment that explicitly acknowledges the relevance to the investor of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, and the long-term health and stability of the market as a whole. The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment Init... is an international network of investors working together to understand the implications of sustainability [...]

In shift from MDGs to SDGs, a need for better continuity

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The recently released final report on the progress toward the Millennium Development Goals showed the world’s milestones and missed targets in what the United Nations has called the “most successful anti-poverty movement in history.” The MDGs, according to the foreword by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “helped to lift more than 1 billion people out of extreme poverty, [...]

Deforestation Briefing: Palmed off – Rumble in the Jungle

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Changes, or at least assurances of changes, are coming to the palm oil industry, a mega-business blamed for much of the deforestation in tropical nations Three of the largest palm oil producers and traders unveiled zero deforestation plans last year, affecting 60% of the global palm oil industry. Wilmar International, which has a 45% market [...]