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Social Assessment and Stakeholders Management for Strategic Social Investment #Batch3

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Pelatihan ini memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan sampai pada tingkatan mema-dai mengenai berbagai teknik dan alat untuk melakukan social assessment, seperti social baseline study, penilaian asset komunitas, dan community need assessment. Memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan dalam melakukan pengelolaan pemangku kepentingan (stakeholders management), Identifikasi isu sosial strategis dari sudut pandang stakeholders dan merumuskan strategi pengelolaannya, Penyusunan laporan [...]

Social Return On Investment (SROI) Training #Batch7

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Salah satu beban psikologis para Manajer CSR di banyak perusahaan adalah "cibiran" bahwa CSR adalah Cost Center. Padahal, bukankah "monetisasi" dampak sosial yang kembali (return) ke perusahaan menjadi bagian terpenting sebagai jawabannya...? Kemudian Bagaimana anda meng-CLAIM tingkat keberhasilan program dan manfaat dana CSR yang sudah dikucurkan oleh perusahaan anda...? SROI memberikan jawaban dengan pendekatan yang lebih kuantitatif...! Temukanlah [...]

The Miracle Method for Sustainable Rice – and Bigger Harvests

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The fragrant jasmine rice growing on the left side of Kreaougkra Junpeng’s five-acre field stands nearly five feet tall. Each plant has 15 or more tillers, or stalks, and the grains hang heavy from them. The Thai farmer says this will be his best-ever harvest in 30 years and he will reap it four weeks [...]

Antara CSR dengan Pengembangan Masyarakat

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Refleksi atas Pelajaran dari McLennan dan Banks Jalal Chairperson of Advisory Board Social Investment Indonesia Sudah lama saya mencoba memahami hubungan antara tanggung jawab sosial perusahaan (corporate social responsibility, disingkat CSR) dengan pengembangan masyarakat (community development, biasa disingkat CD atau comdev). Kebanyakan orang di Indonesia menyamakan saja keduanya, namun pendirian itu jelas tidak tepat, [...]

UN Warns of ‘Unacceptable’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap

By |2017-11-02T11:13:34+07:00November 11th, 2017|News|

Report reveals large gap between government pledges and the reductions needed to prevent dangerous global warming There is still a large gap between the pledges by governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions and the reductions scientists say are needed to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, the UN has said. Current plans from national governments, and pledges [...]

Creating the new power reality in 2025

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Sustainability advisory and energy firm DNV GL envisages a future where energy is personalised at the consumer level and where prevailing technology trends will combine as one perfect storm to create a new power reality. By 2025, consumers will be able to buy energy like they are buying a box of cereals: they can source, compare [...]

The business of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

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The Sustainable Development Goals bring the global community together in a bid to end poverty and hunger, fight climate change, and achieve sustainable economic growth. How can businesses play their part in this universal effort, and what's in it for them? By 2030, poverty and hunger should be history, every human being should have access to [...]

Helping businesses see the benefits of the Sustainable Development Goals

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Panelists at a forum for business leaders say that aligning business targets and sustainability practices as well as partnerships are essential in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   Businesses in Singapore came together last Friday to discuss the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the challenges and opportunities they bring. The SDGs, also known as [...]

Setting the bar for sustainability in hospitality

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Cornell releases updated benchmarks to enable hotel owners and operators to measure the sustainability levels of their properties in a way that is practical and reflective of industry realities. Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research, in collaboration with 11 international hotel companies, last week released the latest set of benchmarks measuring the sustainability level of a [...]

From Addis to Davos: New Tools and Rules for Big Businesses in Sustainable Development – Business Fights Poverty

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 By Matti Kohonen, Private Sector Principal Advisor, Christian Aid Addis Ababa hosted the Third UN Financing for Development conference from 13 to 16 J… Addis Ababa hosted the Third UN Financing for Development conference from 13 to 16 July to improve the quantity and quality of financial flows for development. The resulting Addis Ababa Action Agenda [...]

Water for development

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This World Water Week, from 23 to 28 August 2015, will see attention turn to the role of water in development. In Stockholm, Sweden a gathering of over 3,000 people from more than 120 countries (including world leaders, water experts and development professionals) is expected to discuss and jointly find solutions to the world’s several [...]

A national-global gap in SDG planning?

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On Monday, government negotiators will gather in New York to consider the follow-up and review process for the sustainable development goals — basically a discussion about accountability, although many governments run shy of this word. The proceedings this week, and future negotiation sessions, will be hampered by the total absence of information on existing national [...]

In shift from MDGs to SDGs, a need for better continuity

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The recently released final report on the progress toward the Millennium Development Goals showed the world’s milestones and missed targets in what the United Nations has called the “most successful anti-poverty movement in history.” The MDGs, according to the foreword by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “helped to lift more than 1 billion people out of extreme poverty, [...]